Cakes and Flavors


Classic yellow cake made with Madagascar Vanilla Extract, perfect flavor to please all of your guests. Nut free, not made with almond extract.


Rich chocolatey sponge cake made with just a hint of coffee liqueur and dark cocoa powder. It is a great pair to our incredibly addictive Mocha Cream Cheese icing. Nut free, not made with almond extract.

Red Velvet

A velvety southern favorite, great for family gatherings and holidays. Pairs great with cream cheese icing. Nut free, not made with almond extract.


A summer time MUST-HAVE! This citrusy sponge cake is made using fresh lemon zest & lemon juice. It pairs wonderfully with a fresh strawberry garnish, cherry filling, or even key lime pie filling. Nut free.


Rich chocolate cake in a delicate swirl of vanilla cake. This duo is sure to give you the best of both worlds!

Filling and Icing

Buttercream Icing

Most popular flavor icing. great for birthdays, weddings, and office parties

Chocolate Ganache Icing

For the real chocolate lovers. made with melted milk chocolate, coco powder, and coffee liqueur, whipped to perfection.

Chocolate Buttercream Icing

A lighter version of chocolate icing, but still has the rich chocolatey flavor

Whipped Cream Icing

Most popular icing during the summer months, lighter more delicate flavor than the traditional buttercream icing. Whipped to perfection, flavored with Madagascar vanilla extract.

Cream Cheese Icing

Southern style made to perfection with real butter, fresh cream cheese, and powdered sugar. The sharp and sweet flavor will take your cake to the next level.

Mocha Cream Cheese Icing

We have had to get restraining orders because of this icing flavor. (Not really). But it is such high demand, that we can only make it on days when someone orders it because it flies off the shelf. For the coffee lovers, this is the perfect offset of rich cream cheese flavor and bold espresso.


  • Chocolate Mousse
  • White Chocolate Mousse
  • French Vanilla Cream
  • Lemon Curd
  • Raspberry
  • Cherry Pie
  • Apple Pie
  • Brown butter
  • Fresh Fruit (varies by availability)
  • Pecan Pie
  • Cannoli with Chocolate Chips
  • Cookies n’ Cream